Happy Women’s History Month!

Without a doubt, the women of the Harbor & Watts area play a critical role in our communities. We have so many women that are doing phenomenal work that I couldn't give a shoutout to just a few, so instead I am going to share with you some of their incredible work they do everyday to make our communities in Council District 15 a better place to live. We have women in our communities that are entrepreneurs providing jobs, coordinating weekly grab-and-gos for the most needy, supplying PPE equipment to local supermarkets and organizations, teaching and inspiring our future generations, volunteering and gathering supplies for our ABH sites and unhoused, hosting homeless count to make sure every unhoused in our community is counted, among thousand of other things. I ask that you take a moment this month to reach out to the women in your community and thank them for the contributions that make our communities in Council District 15 more inclusive, healthier, and safe.

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