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Are you a stakeholder?

Stakeholders shall be defined as those who live, work, or own property in the neighborhood and also those who declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it.  Examples of Stakeholders include residents, business owners, property owners, employees of businesses, or those engaged in regular participation in an educational institution, religious institution, community organization or non-profit organization located or that conducts its regular activities within the HCNC boundaries.

The overall boundaries of HCNC local neighborhoods are:

  • Green Meadows

  • Green Meadows SW

  • Narbonne

  • Central

  • Old Towne

  • PCH

  • The Pines

  1. North – The Northern boundary has been recognized by the zip code 90710 as Sepulveda Boulevard.*

  2. East – The Eastern boundary has been identified by U.S. Census Tract 294400 as Figueroa Street, including Los Angeles Harbor College and Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park.

  3. South – The Southern boundary has been identified by the U.S. Census Tract 293303 as Palos Verdes Drive North.; and

  4. West – The Western boundary has been identified by zip code 90710 and U.S. Census Tracts as Western Avenue to the city limits of Lomita.

​The Harbor City zip code of 90710 and a small portion of the Wilmington zip code 90744, excluding the unincorporated areas of the zip codes. 


Below is a map of the boundaries of the Harbor City Neighborhood Council.  Click on the map  to view a full page version.  To view the official EmpowerLA map for the Harbor City NC on the EmpowerLA site, click here.

hcnc map.gif
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